“So, Would You Ever Go on a Date with Leonardo DiCaprio?”



Ryan knows I’ve been wanting to see Titanic in 3D, since its basically one of the best love stories/tragedies since…I don’t know some Shakespeare ish. He flatly refused to go, much to my dismay, since I was really lookin forward to weeping quietly to myself in a movie theatre, while alternately going “whoa, its like the ship is coming right at me!” Who knows, the weekend is young, I might have some Sunday afternoon sadness. More so than usual, when I start thinking about the upcoming work week.

Awesomely Sappy



So, {warning: history nerd moment coming atcha} to memorialize the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, overnight from April 14th-15th, I decided to DVR some Titanic documentaries, and spend my Saturday night watching not only “Nazi Titanic” but also “Titanic’s Achilles Heel”. Hey, I’m a cat lady, what more do you expect?

So now that I’ve told you that story, I’m gonna tell you this story.

Ryan, clearly remembering my desire to see Titanic a la Kate Winslet and Leo swoon DiCaprio, turns to me and asks “So, would you ever go on a date with Leonardo DiCaprio?”.  “Ermmmmm…….” I’m trying to think of what the appropriate response would be here, since I maaaay have mentioned how I had a giant huge crush on Leo since elementary school, and kinda still was completely in love with him had a teensy crush on him still, being such a talented actor and all… A tentative “yes?” was matched with Ry’s, “good, because I’d totally want to go with you, he’s awesome!”

Whew, relationship crisis averted. And this is why he’s my man.

BTW- you like how I Tarantino’d this? Good, because he’s also awesome, although not crush-worthy awesome. Another story, for another day.

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