Run, Don’t Walk Back in Action

Today, I went on my first REAL run in over a month: 5 miles in an hr. They were slow and spread out by some short walks.

It’s amazing how much fitness I feel like I’ve lost in that short time. After my last half marathon (Disney Princess, plan to do an uber belated review at some point) I kind of wanted a little break from running for a week or two, then planned to get back to training for the IronGirl Half here in Clearwater. However, a week after the race, I had an unfortunate encounter between my pinkie toe and the couch. The couch won :-/ Since then my running was non-existent for nearly a month to allow the toe to heal- let me tell you, that little broken toe HURT– and even when I started again, was infrequent and very leisurely, with no race on the books til Nov.

However, I realized my birthday is coming up very shortly, and my goal to lose 10 lbs by May 6 is only 2-3 lbs away, soooooooo I’m cleaning up my eats, and runnin like I have somewhere to be!

So until May 6, I’m going to do the following to kinda “tone it up”:
-as much clean eats as possible
-runs 2-3 x’s a week
-HIIT 2-3 x’s per week
-drinks only on the weekend (except maybe Wine Wednesday…)

Make some noise if you think I can do it!

This was the view on my run, btw- the Dogwood trees are so pretty!

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