Better Late than Never

A few years back, at the beginning of college, I started a personal blog. I wrote random stories. I mused on things no one cares to listen to. I vented.

Above all, I took time to play with words.

Ever since I was young, I have enjoyed writing, and I’ve been told I was fairly decent at it. School always provided many opportunities to write, and when other students would whine and complain about the newest writing assignment, I took it as a new challenge, a chance to discover new words, and combinations thereof.

College came, and I found myself writing ever more voluminous papers, but usually of a tedious and boring nature. Hence blog attempt numero uno. Somehow, through the first year of college my secret web alcove fell by the wayside.

The next thing I knew, after one Major change, several part-time jobs, a practicum in my field and a full time internship, it was Graduation day. Luckily, I had already secured a full-time job teaching, but that meant spending the next year devoting nearly all time to building my career

Now that work has finally calmed down, I am once again drawn to my former passion. I have been reading other people’s blogs for years, and find myself thinking “this would be fun to blog about” on a daily basis. Well, the time has come. I hope to write about all the random things that interest me (mostly cats, food and running)

Better late than never.  🙂


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