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I am a reality TV junkie. I think it stems from being in a kind of mentally demanding job, where I have to be “on” all day. When I get home the last thing I want to do is read a book about history, watch a documentary or turn on the news. The best reality tv shows are undoubtedly on Bravo.

I started watching The Real Housewives of the OC back in 2005 when it first aired with my mom, and it had me from the start. I lost a few seasons over the years while a broke college kid with no cable (or time to sit around and watch tv for that matter) but as soon as I had a real big girl job I decided to treat myself to the luxury of cable. For the last few years, I’ve caught up not only with RHOC but also pretty much all of the other Real Housewives series. Housewives was like a gateway drug though, and before long I found myself watching more and more of the Bravo reality tv lineup.

Current Season of Real Housewives

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Currently, in addition to the Housewives (minus Jersey housewives, I never got into that one but feel like I’m missing out) I have been watching Princesses Long Island, Below Deck, Newlyweds: First Year, Don’t Be Tardy. (oooo I just saw on the Bravo page that Tamra’s from RHOC’s wedding is going to have its own series!!!)

My husband totally does not get my reality TV obsession nor do many of my friends. I’m sorry but I’m not trying to be a hipster who acts like I don’t watch tv – it is definitely my guilty pleasure. I thoroughly enjoy immersing myself in the stories and the relationships, fights, trips, reunions ahhh just thinking about it makes me excited for next week’s episodes!

Here’s a tidbit from a recent episode of RHOC:

Do you like reality tv? What is your favorite reality series?

2 thoughts on “Bravo Reality Shows

    • I have such a love/hate opinion of Tina. One the one hand she seems super demanding and annoying at times. On the other, some of the emotions and struggles she had gave me a more compassionate view of her- but I guess that’s what makes it such good tv!

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