Road Trippin’

After a very long work week, Ryan and I received some unfortunate news, his grandmother is not doing well, and is in hospice. We immediately began making plans to go be with his family, who are located in -wait for it- Long Island, New York. So, after one of the most harried packing sessions, much cat snuggling, and car snack packing, we are in the first leg of our 20, count ’em TWENTY or so odd hour journey by car.

Despite the sad occasion, I am trying to look at this as an adventure and have as much fun with it as possible. After all, what better opportunity to remember and embrace the time we each have to truly live


UPDATE: Margaret “Peggy” McLaughlin ended up passing Saturday morning. We were able to stay until the funeral Tuesday morning, and fly back home that evening, so we didn’t miss TOO much work. While funerals are always a sad occasion, it was great to finally meet all of Ryan’s HUGE Irish family. I have also never seen so many people show up at a wake and with so much joy and love expressed about the person who has passed on. She left behind an amazing legacy in her 9 children, and 26 grandchildren.

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