Bad Blogger

I love reading blogs. I love writing. I enjoy having this opportunity to write about events, stories, share ideas, products, etc. And yet, I am terrible at keeping up with my blog.

I can make all kinds of excuses like how my last year at work was very hard and kept me busy, planning a wedding, working on my house, blah blah. At the end of the day I ascribe to the belief that you can make time for what is truly important to you.

With all that said, I do love to write. I do feel more creatively fulfilled when I can put some thoughts to paper screen, revise, read comments and participate in the blogger community. I am going to commit to posting more regularly. I don’t know exactly how often that will be. Once a week? Once a month? Whatever it ends up being, I need to commit to actually making time for this creative outlet, especially if I want to have more writing opportunities in the future – can’t be rusty, right?

Now that I’m sufficiently berated myself, here have a picture of my cats.


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